Information Technology Services
We understand that ever-changing technologies can be a challenge for companies to manage, especially during a transitional period. 

The iMiH Group provides expert technical services to help ensure your IT solution fits your business needs both today and in the future, with a focus on providing the tools and knowledge required to deal with current issues as well as anticipate and be prepared for future technical, security, regulatory, governance, and business changes.
Whether a new startup company or a seasoned company, iMiH can support your IT needs in a flexible and professional manner that suits your vision.
Forensic Search 
Both internal and external abuse can be tacked. We have experience in tracking internal and external exploits and abusers of your network and the knowledge to help prevent further abuse.
Network Infrastructure Design and Installation
Cabling is the foundation of any network, even wireless networks require a wired backbone. We can design and install the appropriate network infrastructure for your network.
Data and Network 
Ensuring that your intellectual property remains yours is a daunting task. Would be data thieves can exist inside and outside the network. We can help you ensure that your data and network are secure from both threats.
Turnkey Network Solutions
Whether moving to a new location or completely redesigning the existing network, we can design everything from Internet Service Provider and Telephony Services, Firewall, Wiring, Servers and applications to Desktops and Mobile PC's to provide you with a completely new network.
Integration of telephone systems with data networks is becoming more and more common. We can provide you with a phone vendor or work with your existing one to ensure cohesive operation and integration of telephone and data networks.
Application Implementation
Whether local applications or Client Server applications, we have experience in a wide variety client server applications and desktop applications. We test for compatibility issues to ensure functionality. If incompatable software is detected, we offer a variety of solutions to overcome this problem.
Data Migration and Conversion
Converting to a new application? Want to bring over your existing data? We can convert and migrate date in many formats. From small datasets of a few thousand records to datasets spanning millions of records, we have the experience to convert and migrate your data.
Server/Desktop/Application installation
Installation of Servers, Desktop computers and Applications are performed by staff with experience with the specific Operating System or Application. Our IT professionals can install all or some of the components based on your requirements.
and Support
We offer both long and short term support contracts tailored to fit your requirements. We can complement your staff with a seasoned network professional to manage and support your network and IT systems.
Contact us today and tell us why you need our expertise!
© 2019 The iMiH Group, LLC. All rights reserved
© 2019 The iMiH Group, LLC. All rights reserved