Advanced Data Technologies
We understand that ever-changing technologies can be a challenge for companies to leverage, especially during a transitional period. 

The iMiH Group provides expert technical services to help ensure our client's data technologies meet their business needs both today and in the future, with a focus on providing the tools and knowledge required to deal with current issues as well as anticipate and be prepared for future technical, security, regulatory, governance, and business changes.

Multi-Model Data Stores
We can support the application of the data model best suited for our client's business needs. Leveraging graph, document and key/value stores as needed.
Advanced Query Technology 
From SPARQL query variants supporting graph and RDF triple store databases to proprietary query languages supporting native multi-model datastores (i,e, ArangoDB's AQL) iMiH data experts help our clients leverage their valuable data assets.
Legacy Data Transformation
Converting to a new application? Need to transform your legacy system data to the new system ?  From small datasets of a few thousand records to datasets spanning millions of records, we have the experience to convert and migrate your data..
Application Implementation
Whether single country focus or global we can support your HCM application implementation needs..
Application Scalability
Support latest application containerization platforms (i.e. Kubernetes-based frameworks).
Knowledge Management 
We offer methodologies and tools to support knowledge capture efforts as well as business process optimization efforts.
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